• How often do the patrols pass my house?
    We recognise that, to be effective, a patrol needs to be highly visible and cover a ‘Beat’ that is not too large an area. Our Beats have been sized to ensure frequent visibility and fast response. In Barnes we estimate the patrol will pass your house every 60-90 minutes.

  • What will the response time be if I call the patrol?
    Having a small Beat means the Security Officer should be able to get to your house in approximately 3-4 minutes.

  • How will criminals know my house is protected?
    We have designed a unique luminous sign which will be displayed on each of our members’ houses. It will act as a good deterrent and likely persuade a would be criminal to look elsewhere.

  • When can I call the Security Officer?
    All members will have the telephone number of the patrol and will be able to contact it whenever they need to. Examples would be if they see suspicious behaviour in the street, such as car door checking for unlocked vehicles, or see someone loitering outside your house late at night. It is quite easy to assess who is in the wrong place at the wrong time in Barnes. Our market research has shown many people would like the Security Officer to come and check over things if they have cause for concern but don’t feel it merits calling 999.

  • Who are the Security Officers?
    The Security Officers are all ex-services and police personnel who are highly disciplined and experienced. Our partner company ‘Capstar’ specialises in offering employment opportunities to Veterans, so by becoming a member you will be helping to provide an employment pathway for them. www.capstar.co

  • When can the Security Officers intervene?
    The Security Officers have the standard powers of citizens arrest when required and their SIA (Security Industry Authority) accreditation and training means they are disciplined, experienced and motivated.

  • What do the police think of your service?
    We have liaised closely with the police in designing the service. Whilst they cannot be seen to overtly endorse a commercial enterprise, they are supportive of all activities that reduce crime in Barnes, including ours. We are looking forward to working in tandem with them in the future.

  • Can I get a discount on my home insurance if I use the service?
    We are developing a product in association with insurers that means we will hopefully be able to offer discounted property and contents in the future. This should lead to significant cost reductions on both insurance and our patrol service. We will have more information on this in the coming months.

  • Why should I pay if my neighbour has the service?
    If you are not a member, yet live on a patrol route, there is a fringe benefit to you, and for those who cannot afford the service this is great. For those who can afford it, yet prefer to let their neighbours carry the cost, it is worth remembering that although you gain the fringe benefit, you will not be able to access the patrol for assistance or response, and your house will not bear the sign that displays your membership.  This is designed to be a community hub that leverages group buying power; so the more houses that sign up, the cheaper it will be for everyone.

  • Do you offer Key Holding services?
    We aim to start when we have enough members.

  • Do you supply Intruder Alarms, CCTV and physical security such as Grills and Gates?
    Yes we do. We have selected Barking Dog Security to provide these services. They are based in SW London and have hundreds of existing clients. They are very knowledgeable, courteous and competitive. Please contact us, or them, for more details. www.barkingdogsecurity.co.uk


Company Number: 12550271