Our Mission is to establish a neighbourhood security hub for Barnes that procures a range of security services on behalf of our members.

We aim to deter criminal activity, enhance residential and personal security and provide peace of mind.

Safety in Numbers:

By creating a big enough membership group we can spread the cost of private security services, making it more affordable and accessible. Increased ‘buying power’ means we will be able to drive down the cost of home insurance thereby creating significant savings for our members.


The crime rate in Barnes has proved stubbornly hard to get down. The combination of affluent residents, minimal police presence and unpredictable response times makes Barnes a desirable target for criminals.

On The Beat will co-ordinate a range of services. Initially this will be a 12 hour, 7 days a week, mobile patrol and response service ( night time ) and will expand into key holding, alarm response, home security upgrades and discounted home insurance for our members.

The service will be paid for by household subscription. To keep the subscription price low and still be viable, we need a critical mass of 400 households in Barnes to join.

Please register your interest and help us spread the word.


Company Number: 12550271